What it means to say "with freedom comes a responsibilty for equitable communities."

As noted in my first post, being a Pacific States Progressive means helping to make America kind and fair.

As the woman who was the architect of modern American Progressive thought, Eleanor Roosevelt, said: "With freedom comes responsibility."

That means I must make certain my day-to-day behavior, and the behavior of every group to which I belong, creates and recreates equitable communities which permit every person the opportunity to pursue personal productive goals within an atmosphere of equality in personal dignity and human rights.

We all belong to communities, many of which we ignore even though they all are a part of our responsibility as free Americans. I have put together my communities "responsibility list" which includes 25 groups of people

My "responsibility list" includes the obvious:
  1. my immediate family consisting of my husband, our parents, and our kids;
  2. our extended family consisting of my siblings and my husbands siblings and their children and our parents siblings and their children;
  3. our friends, our children's friends, and our parent's friends
  4. our neighborhood.
My "responsibility list" includes these community organizations which work to make lives in our region better:
  1. Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Association
  2. Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation
  3. Bainbridge Island Museum of Art
  4. Filipino American Community of Bainbridge Island & Vicinity
  5. Habitat for Humanity of Kitsap County
  6. Island Volunteer Caregivers
  7. Sonoji Sakai Intermediate School Parent Teacher Organization
  8. Virginia Mason Bainbridge Island Medical Center
My "responsibility list" includes all organizations related to my work:
  1. Virginia Mason organization
  2. University of Washington School of Nursing
  3. University of Washington iSchool
  4. Washington State Nurses Association
  5. Washington State Health Information Association
But most importantly in 2018, my "responsibility list" includes all government levels which hold elections in which I can vote for elected officials and which affect my life:
  1. City of Bainbridge Island
  2. Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District
  3. Bainbridge Island School District
  4. Kitsap County
  5. Washington Legislative District 23
  6. Washington 6th Congressional District
  7. State of Washington
  8. United States of America
That items 25 and 24 on this list have risen in my awareness and importance in 2018 is not likely to be a surprise. That is because I have become aware of the Progressive Pacific Message web page Wealthy Neoliberals Matter: How an Economic Ideology Took Control of U.S. State and National Legislative Agendas.

What was a surprise is that items 20 and 11 became more important when I learned of the American Neoliberal effort to take over the education of our kids using the public school system as explained in This past weekend the Koch network formally announced the Neoliberal plan to take over the local public school education system.